About MediHuanna

Our Founder

Dr Towpik medicinal cannabis advocate

Dr Teresa Towpik is a general practitioner with over 30 years of experience in Australia. Currently practicing in Katoomba medical centre she had been a long time skeptic of cannabis and dismissed it as simply a drug of addiction to be avoided. Shortly after the Australian government announced they would be legalising medicinal cannabis Dr Towpik started her research.

After delving deep into the science behind cannabis and understanding the vast potential it has to help with many ailments her opinion changed drastically from skeptic to cannabis advocate. Dr Towpik founded MediHuanna to provide a non-biased source of education designed to equip health professionals and patients with a thorough understanding of cannabis science while aiming to remove the negative stigma of the past.


About MediHuanna

Cannabis is a medicine that has a range of benefits. However, it needs to be monitored by a doctor to optimise the therapeutic result and reduce side effects. We believe it is vital for patients and doctors to have a better understanding of this mysterious plant. Many people all over the world have already felt the benefits of medicinal cannabis using it legally and illegally.

Many doctors and patients out there are completely oblivious to medicinal cannabis and its potential benefits. A contributing factor to the slow process of acceptance is partially due to the lack of awareness among Doctors. Our goal is to bring doctors together through education to spread awareness and simplify the process of prescribing. This plant has been left in the dark for too long and it’s now time for it to get the respect it deserves.

MediHuanna was founded by Dr Towpik to help educate health professionals and patients about the medicinal properties of cannabis, the possible treatment options and the science behind how it works within the body in an easy to understand format. We believe that through education will come acceptance of cannabis as a respected medicine.