I met this man about 2 months ago. He is in his late forties. He is highly educated and used to be fully functional, working a full-time job, family, children, the usual stuff.

Then, things started changing, insidiously.

One morning, while he was running, he simply fell sideways, just like that, no reason.

He became wobblier, gradually his coordination and balance changed, his sleep became poor, he became more anxious and started avoiding social contacts.

His speech became more slurred and his muscles sore and stiff.

All of that getting worse and finally diagnosed with some neurological condition, possibly neurodegenerative, and there is practically no treatment available apart from symptoms control.

He approached me and ask me to look into obtaining cannabis through the TGA and here we go, the whole circus. Not only do I have to go through them but I also need to apply to the State Health Department as well, repeat the same process and because he lives in another state I need to apply to both departments. Please, tell me which busy GP is willing to do that.

I feel that until this process is simplified medicinal cannabis in Australia doesn’t have to much chance.

On top of that I need the letter of support from his specialist. Took us about 2 months to convince his specialist to do that.

Although, there is no other treatments available, his specialist doesn’t really believe that cannabis would help in spite of plenty evidence available.

I feel rather disappointed with specialist’s attitude to medicinal cannabis, they appear quite rigid and unsupportive.

In cases like this one, what do we have to lose. I believe nothing and a lot to gain.

Even if it doesn’t help, it is not going to hurt, especially a low THC and high CBD preparations.

Once again, we really need to have more compassion and let go of the dogma and biased opinions.

After all there is no reported deaths due to cannabis overdose, which really is in line with Hippocrates oath, do no harm.

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