What we are witnessing now is the cannabis global phenomena. It somehow divides society, there are supporters and opponents. Opponents appear mostly on the regulators and policy makers side while the community embraces this plant wholeheartedly.

There is still a lot of stigma and misunderstanding. It’s a miracle drug for some and perhaps not so helpful for others while some are unable to tolerate it at all. To me cannabis is in some way a reflection of our society. On one hand we are experiencing great technological advances and connect so much in cyberspace, on the other hand we are becoming more and more lonely, alienated and depressed and we are longing for more connection with nature.

We want to reconnect, we want a clean environment, wholesome organic food, clean air and we want to heal in a way which is congruent with what we believe in. We want to exercise our right to choose our therapies. We are becoming tired of single molecule synthetic agents, we are looking for wholistic plant medicines that interact with us on multiple levels.

Cannabis is one of these plants, it can help so many medical conditions by interacting with many cells in our bodies. We know that the list of possible therapeutic applications is long. However, like with many things this plant is to be used but not abused.

The current availability of cannabis through legal channels continues to be very difficult. It appears that bureaucracy is ruling here big time. I understand the need to have some regulating systems in our society but at the same time when these systems become excessive it leads to stagnation and stops progress.

Sometimes, I think that bureaucrats are detached from reality, they sit in their offices, create more and more policies, which are so convoluted that you need a university degree to understand. They lack compassion, these people are not talking to real people and their needs, they just keep on creating more papers.

I really hope that common sense will eventually prevail and our policy makers will become more connected with real people. In the case of cannabis I am hoping that it will become accessible and affordable to people who need it and doctors like myself will be able to prescribe it judiciously and responsibly in a proper clinical setting.

It’s time for patients to stop needing to break the law and pay tonnes of money to obtain their medicine.

1 thought on “Cannabis and Society

  1. great thoughts you have, here’s another regarding your morals or ethics on use & abuse; by what right might we say unto another; you may not ‘abuse’ this thing? Do you own it? Do you own the person? The answer to both of those questions is no. Human sovereignty demands the use of this & all other things be due free will alone where it does not harm others. Cannabis should be legal as tomatoes & for no one to pontificate ethics nor morals upon.

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