I attended the Hemp, Health and Innovation Expo in Melbourne last weekend. My organisation MediHuanna was one of the exhibitors.

As usual, these events inspire, energise and motivate me to continue my cannabis work. Unfortunately, the weather was quite bad. Heavy rain, flooding and rather gloomy.

The numbers were lower than expected but in spite of the rain a lot of people came. It was great to meet other presenters and exhibitors. Passionate people with an amazing wealth of knowledge, I have a lot of respect for them.

There is something special about Hemp Expo events. The passion for cannabis connects many people from different walks of life. Many aspects of cannabis were presented, medicinal, food, beauty products, industrial and textiles, I even saw a hemp wedding dress. The choices were amazing.

I really enjoyed chatting with so many people. A lot of them were really desperate to get medical advice for their health problems and frustrated about the process of obtaining cannabis legally.

Patients want to feel comfortable and supported in making their choices, they want to be guided by medical professionals. I felt very inspired listening to stories of healing and hope.

The discussion panel was wonderful, I felt very honoured and privileged to be a part of this group. Many interesting questions were asked by the public, overall a great learning experience.

I would like to give a big thanks to the organisers of this event. They put many, many hours of hard work in to make it possible. They deserve support and recognition.

I hope there will be many sponsors for future events to continue making it possible. I’m looking forward to the next Hemp Expo in Sydney during May 2018, the event of knowledge, passion, learning and awareness.

3 thoughts on “HHI Expo Melbourne Recap

  1. Thank you for your book, I found it easy to read and understand. I myself know about Cannabis and the healing qualities and feel it is about time the government stopped pretending they don’t know. Why would they be so willing to export our Aussie grown Cannabis to the world if they didn’t know how good or effective it is.!! I hope your colleagues will open their minds to the benefits of natural medicine and have the courage to stand against the pharmaceutical companies and push the govt. into changing the laws about prescribing Cannabis..

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  2. Really appreciating your efforts in making this topic easy to understand with your book. Your work with MediHuanna is amazing and I hope many of your colleagues will be able to learn from it and adopt a similar enthusiastic approach to the opportunities which medical cannabis holds for our general healthcare.

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