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Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis:
A Practical Guide for Health Professionals and Patients; 2nd Edition
(Hardcover & eBook)

It’s finally here! The second, expanded and referenced edition of our popular book “Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis” by Dr. Towpik. This book is designed to be a comprehensive introduction to medicinal cannabis for health professionals as well as patients wanting to discover the therapeutical benefits of the cannabis plant.
With this book you’ll learn:
  • basic aspects of the science behind medicinal cannabis
  • various clinical applications
  • patients care, dosing and monitoring


Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis:
An Easy Guide for Doctors and Patients
(Hardcover & ebook)


This book is designed to be an easy to follow and understand introduction to medicinal cannabis covering everything from the history, endocannabinoid system, cannabis pharmacology, delivery methods, drug interactions, treatment options and an overview of the various ailments it can treat with consideration to the current clinical and anecdotal evidence. I hope patients as well as doctors find it informative and become inspired to continue their learning of the cannabis plant’s remarkable properties while embracing it as an important therapeutic agent.

CBD Made Easy

Mary Minchin presents “CBD Made Easy!”

This book was written with the purpose of simplifying how Cannabidiol (CBD) works in the human body, listing all the known ailments CBD can alleviate and then directly referencing the related medical studies all in one short publication. After reading this short book, patients should be able to approach their health professional with a reasonable understanding of how CBD will help them and a direction for utilising CBD as part of their treatment. The health professional can then directly access and read the relevant cited scientific studies, further educate themselves, and from that, more hastily & competently help the patient & their families achieve a better quality of life through the potential use of CBD.

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