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Medicinal Cannabis Patient Stories

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Medicinal Cannabis Patient Stories


Chronic Neuropathic Pain

My name is Samantha and I sustained a spinal cord injury 6 years ago whilst holidaying in Thailand which left me T6 complete. I have been in constant neuropathic pain since my accident, my pain level on a scale of 1-10 was usually between 6-8. Chronic pain certainly wears you down, it affected my mood and general outlook on life. I was very depressed dealing with both loss of independence and of course the pain.

I was put on an anti epileptic drug for the pain whilst in hospital which initially decreased the pain from 10/10 to 7-8 but certainly did not get rid of it. I was prescribed cannabis oil legally by a doctor approximately 6 months ago to help with my pain, mood, nausea and poor sleeping patterns. The cannabis oil certainly degreased my pain to 3-6, helped with my mood and I sleep well every night. I would highly recommend it to people suffering similar problems like I have.


Cancer Pain

This is our Ann She means the world to us, she is a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, sister and true friend to everyone in her life. She knows how to enjoy herself and has a wonderful distinctive laugh which is infectious. Ann’s laugh brightens up our day, her motto is Live, Laugh, Love which says it all. Ten years ago, our beautiful Ann was diagnosed with Pseudomyxoma a rare type of cancer that usually begins in the appendix.

Ann’s journey with this disease has been extremely arduous, she has endured 6 major abdominal surgery’s and near fatal doses of chemotherapy. This has been a torturous battle that has taken its toll on Ann physically, mentally and emotionally. Recently Ann has turned to Cannabis oil prescribed by a doctor and in her words “I am more relaxed and able to cope with things. I am off all Opioid pain medications, eating, sleeping and overall my wellness has improved, I feel that I am back in control.


Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia

Medicinal cannabis has improved my life considerably. I have a chronic pain condition that does not respond well to conventional treatments and which greatly impacts on my ability to sleep or stay static. Since acquiring medical cannabis through a registered clinician, I have seen significant improvement in my sleep and can sit for longer stretches of time without too much discomfort. I have also had a reduction in reactive hypoglycemia.  For chronic conditions, I strongly feel medicinal cannabis has many benefits and I’m grateful to have access to such a helpful natural medicine. 


Pain Secondary to Multiple Sclerosis

My name is Christian. I’m a professional writer and in 2014, after a week in bed with my left side paralysed, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

M.S is mainly a disease of pain and fatigue. The nervous system attacks the brain and spinal cord, creating false and strange signals the brain doesn’t deal well with. So it causes phantom signals, not unlike a very painful case of ‘pins and needles’. In my case, cramps bad enough to tear muscles. It creates ‘brain fogs’, where short term memories don’t form easily, where cognition slows and what was a simple task yesterday becomes a fiendish puzzle the next.

To deal with this, I was diagnosed with lyrica, a nerve pain agent, which was, yes, effective. But with poor psychological side effects, for me, pessimistic moods. And serious weight gain. Other medicines have their place. I find naprogesics useful. But not strong.

However, starting cannabis oil, a simple half-a-syringe twice a day, has been by far the most effective medication. With no real side effects, it has eased my pain, made my sleep more relaxing, lifted my mood and has certainly made sites of old cramping, often quite formidably painful, far easier to cope with. It has made my relationship with my body more positive.
It’s not an exaggeration to say this medicine has changed my life qualitatively for the better.


Chronic Pain

My name is Shar and I am 49 years of age, my doctor prescribed me cannabis oil legally around 7 months ago, for my complex medical issues. One issue is a severe allergic and sensitivity to other prescribed medical products. I was bed bound 24/7 and had no quality of life.  I would also like to note I was very sceptical about this oil due to the media hype and I am also very anti-illegal drug use.

Legally prescribed cannabis has changed my life. I am able to do a lot more than I was able to and have lost 18 kilos, my pain has dropped from a ten down to around a three to four, most days. Before the prescription, I was lucky to get an hour rest from the severe pain and I am now averaging 5 to 6 hours sleep most nights from having no sleep before cannabis oil.  I also suffered severe depression due to the never-ending break from the pain, the pain is still there but it is no longer my only focus and I am more positive in my outlook. I feel that the oil has enabled me to have more out of life and as it’s natural I have not had any allergic reaction to it so far. However, it has made me very tired. But as I have said to my doctor, I would much rather be tired than in severe pain and this may not be a side effect that you would experience.

It is not addictive and if I miss a dose, I just take it when the pain increases. It reminds me and then I remember that’s right I didn’t take that last dose.

I hope that this testimonial helps someone who is considering if cannabis is the right medication for them. I also can’t thank the doctor enough who legally prescribed me this product.


Chronic Pain

My Name is David, I have been suffering chronic pain for about 6 years after a workplace accident.

After such an accident and as a result of such a life-changing event, I began to suffer severe anxiety and a deep depression. As a result of these conditions, I ended up on 4 different types of medication. There Targin for pain relief, 3 different anti-depressants and to add to this I have Crohn’s disease and was taking 6 tablets a day for treating this as well. I was going nowhere, I became impotent because of the medication, I never left the house and my life was getting worse. I honestly was contemplating taking my own life, every day I would wake up and say “Na, today’s not the day”, it was living my life day by day.

I heard about cannabis treat and how successful it was in treating pain, anxiety, and depression. I saw Dr. Towpik and she felt I was a good candidate for this treatment. All my other doctors would not even look at this type of treatment. With the help of Dr. Towpik, I was approved relatively quickly, she really did go above and beyond what I was used to with other doctors. I have been taking full spectrum cannabis oil for approx. 4 months now, I am gradually reducing all my other medication and will stop taking all the pharma drugs very soon. As a pleasant side effect, the cannabis has had an effect on my Cron’s disease and I have not had a flare up since being on the oil.

I can’t overstate enough the difference it has made in my life. I am able to go out, hold a conversation and am no longer having debilitating anxiety attacks. I would recommend anyone who is considering trying cannabis oil to give it a try, it is much easier on my body allows me to function normally where once I would be in a drug-induced laziness.

Lisa G

Chronic Pain

My life was a mess. Chronic pain had ended my career and all I loved. With the depression, chronic fatigue and other illnesses it dragged me to the bottom of the pit. Almost bedridden, I was desperate for release from pain and a life which was bereft of joy.

With help from friends, I managed to start medical cannabis treatment in late June 2018. Progress was slow at first, but almost immediately I found my mood had improved and a feeling of being better able to cope with my symptoms. Continuing under my doctor’s expert guidance, I am now, 6 months later, feeling significant improvement in my symptoms and have removed 9 drugs (or 50%) from my daily dose of meds. That’s an incredible relief for my liver which has been damaged by the use of these heavy drugs for the last 16 years.

Medical cannabis has a strangely subtle way of working on you. It does not “kick in” like opioids. It just suddenly becomes an “absence” of pain. A generalised feeling better in one’s self. Pain which was once unbearable, becomes bearable and in some cases, non-existent. You feel better able to cope. And the great joy of it all, is that there are no crippling or biologically damaging side-effects.

Australia must make medical cannabis available to ALL who need it and most especially AFFORDABLE for all who need it. Medical cannabis has the potential to save and change lives. We must move forward with this quickly. Peoples’ lives hang in the balance while we dither.

Damien S

Chronic Pain & PTSD

I am 47 years old and I have PTSD (severe), chronic pain (debilitating), O.C.D and a number of related or associated conditions. I have an autoimmune disease and a long medical history.

Over the many decades, I have been put on every medication to treat these conditions. The lowest point was where I was told by hospitals not to bother going back (private and public) as there was nothing else they can do for me. I was taking opioids and taking different medications for many conditions, at one point there were 18 tablets per day. It got to the point that there was no option left. I had tried everything else. I was ready to die. I was comfortable with that; I knew I had tried everything that I could. In that time, I had been following the treatment of my conditions with cannabis and saw positive results. That was something I had not tried so I need to at least try, I owed that to my son at least.

The results were dramatic. I am able to do things that people take for granted like going to a market, be in a public, go to the shops. I never thought I would be able to exercise again. I am back exercising. I describe it as chains breaking free and has opened up a whole new life. It has stabilised my moods. I am able to control my triggers, not the triggers controlling me. Cannabis oil has put things back where they should be exactly what medication is supposed to do.

Cannabis has saved my life and a big thank you needs to go to the Chief Medical Officer at MediHuanna for listening, for acting and just knowing I was at that point.


Chronic Neuropathic Pain

I’ve suffered from chronic neuropathic pain and associated sleep difficulties since herniating C6/7 many years ago. At its worst, the pain has been 9/10, I’ve managed as little as two hours sleep per night, and I’ve barely been able to drive. Since my injury occurred, I’ve tried every conventional and alternative treatment possible, including various pharmaceutical drugs, spinal traction/decompression, epidural steroid injections, chiropractic, osteopathic, acupuncture and physiotherapy treatments, low level laser therapy for a year, etc. Many of these therapies helped temporarily, but nothing provided any sustained relief until my doctor legally prescribed cannabis oil for me. Since commencing the oil, my pain on an average day has decreased from 7/10 to 2/10, and I am now able to sleep for 7+ hours straight each night. While my pain and associated issues have not resolved completely, the improvement in my physical and mental health and overall quality of life has been nothing short of miraculous, and I am feeling much more positive about my future as a result. I would really encourage anyone suffering from chronic pain to give cannabis oil a try. In my experience, it offers substantial relief with none of the side effects (drowsiness, nausea, etc.) I experienced with conventional pain medications.


Severe Ulcerative Colitis

I am a 33 year old health professional suffering from severe ulcerative colitis. Unfortunately, all usual medical treatment was unsuccessful in my case. Medical cannabis changed my life. My pain and all my issues with ulcerative colitis quickly disappeared after starting this treatment


Palliative Care

Alya passed away on Wednesday 3rd of October at 13:40, we are extremely grateful for your support of the past months.  Without you we wouldn’t have seen the extension to Alya’s prognosis, I was pleased (it was wonderful but extremely hard) to have her at home a couple of times in the final weeks. Medicinal Cannabis enabled the doctors to keep Alya’s opioids and morphine-based medications to a minimum.  Keeping these medications down gave the family time to interact with a lucid version of Alya.  As prior to the introduction of Medicinal Cannabis, Alya was regularly detached and would retreat to the bedroom for rest/sleep. Medicinal Cannabis was providing a background level of pain relief, improved her appetite and we would witness her consuming all her meals and more (as we would bring extra, she loved prawn gyoza). Medicinal Cannabis helped improve her blood results, after 6 weeks on MC her bloods returned better than her entry into Royal North Shore Hospital about 3 months ago.  After 7 weeks her bloods returned even better results.


Chronic Pain

My experience with my legally subscribed cannabis oil has been amazing. I have less pain. I’ve been able to be more active. I have slept much better. I’ve been able to lose 40 pounds I think because I’m feeling better in my body. I can’t imagine not having my oil now. My doctor is super supportive and I have hope that I can lead a more productive, less limited life.


Schizoaffective Disorder and PTSD

I am 36years old and have a history of mental illness, including schizoaffective disorder, PTSD and insomnia. I grew up in a very medically minded family who relied solely on medication. After many poor anti-psychotic medications, mood stabilisers and anti-depressants, I settled on a standard anti-psychotic for over 20years. While much on my mental Illness is genetic in nature, towards the end of 2018 I had major stressors, including the possibility of divorce, major concerns in my career and a major legal case. I decided to take a risk and try pure CBD oil prescribed by Dr.Towpik. While the risk, cost and regulations were great, I realised that standard treatment, while it worked, only reduced my functioning, ability to live and had major side effects, including weight gain and poor cognition. After some months of treatment, and excellent support from Dr.towpik, while the stressors where still present, my symptoms are little to none. In addition to this, I have lost over 10kgs, quit smoking, my asthma has improved and my cognitive ability is better. While this plant is not perfect (for example it is difficult to transport, costly and takes a little time to work), both the money and administration work is worth it. I would encourage anyone who desires both symptom review and more wellness to make the sacrifices necessary and try. If it doesn’t work; so what? You have tried. But if does work, you may just get your life back. God knows I did.


PTSD and Depression

As a child I was always scared. Not of monsters under the bed, but from the age of 4 I imagined I was the only person not in on the secret that I was being observed and that people were waiting to hurt me and kill everyone I loved and I just wanted to die, hating almost everything about me. Why? Well that was the threat given me when molested during an overnight stay in hospital. Seems I developed PTSD! The fear was real, unknown to me it was improbable and just a subconscious imagination.

At 15, during a weekend stay over at a a former teachers house, I was subjected to a night of sexual abuse. My life went blacker; I began 10 years of self harm; burning and cutting my body to escape the pain I felt in my mind. Some times I would go to sleep bleeding from my neck down to my toes, I would hope not to wake up, but would find myself waking with the sheets stuck to my wounds. I hardly slept, but when I did, I would wake from nightmares completely soaked in sweat, occasionally finding my clothes tossed on the other side of the room. I tried to take my life, but what I really wanted was just to not be awake, I wanted relief. My days were filled with flashbacks, dread, depression and a physical pain within my thinking, where I would hear auditory hallucinations about how much I hated myself. At 17 I began the 26 year regime of anti-depressants, mood stabilisers, sleeping pills and anti-psychotics. Nothing really proved their worth. When I was 20 I started to smoke cannabis regularly, I would joke it was my anti-depressant. After 10 years I was convinced to stop smoking, and what I considered at first to be withdrawals, became a return to a mind I called; the black cloud.

7 years later, I was given a pandadeine forte for a migraine. It eased the black cloud and I took more when it returned, then I took more, and more! Suddenly I had an opiate addiction! It lasted a year, but only for 3 weeks on 2 occasions and a couple of weekends during that time. I was desperate to subdue the black cloud, I even tried kava and other sedating supplements. I went to detox and a couple months in rehab, where I dealt with the brief dalliance into opium addiction, but I couldn’t reconcile my use of cannabis as an addiction. After a relapse where I chewed 54 tablets containing codeine, I was treated as an opiate addict and put on Suboxone (friendlier methadone, but still with incredible side effects and a nagging thought of being a conscripted addict.) I stopped the Suboxone, going cold turkey. I didn’t want to involve the opiate clinic because they didn’t agree with my decision. No doctor would prescribe anything to help with the physical pain of the opiate detox I was experiencing.

So I desperately sought some cannabis in a quest to utilise its pain relieving qualities. It had been 13 years since I’d been stoned. Instantly I felt physical relief from the pain. And unexpectedly my mind was feeling calmer. After about 5 days, I stopped. A week later I was thrust into a mental state of intense suicidal thinking due to the lingering withdrawals from stopping Suboxone cold turkey shortly before. But now I had 2 children and for the first time since I was 4, I actually did not want to die. So I turned back to cannabis. In the 20 months since then I disciplined my diet and lost 39kg, I also returned to studies at age 42 and achieved distinction marks in anthropology of my first ever philosophy unit at Macquarie uni. I was able to do this even when under the influence as my thinking was controllable and I could think straight for the first time in a long time! I can not explain to anyone who does not experience pain in their thinking, how my use of cannabis was not to feel ‘normal’ stoned, but gave my mind such relief that I felt I was just plain and simply: ‘normal’ when I consumed thc.

I was not content to accept my own anecdotal evidence and started researching. When I read an article from a man describing his life with PTSD and the effects of medicinal cannabis in relieving these symptoms, I just cried. I was so tired of being stoned due to my self-medicating. It took me 15 months to find a specialist in the medicinal cannabis field and now I am prescribed medicinal cannabis with thc. My dose is very small and I am so glad to experience the effects that stabilise my Endocannabinoid system without the feelings of being stoned. I am so happy, focused and in control of my thinking. Apart from the cannabis I am on a lower dose than before of a simple anti-depressant. So in 2 years I’ve gone from 5 pharmaceutical chemical prescriptions to just 1 and the cannabis oil. I do still occasionally enjoy recreational use of cannabis, now so easily controlled and not abused. It is my ‘drug of choice’, because before I finish my first alcoholic drink I go deep into the black cloud and try chasing it away by getting drunker and drunker!

After 2 months on the oil, life got a major disruption, but for the first time in 40 years, the black cloud did not consume me, and I can control negative thoughts and I don’t even think about killing myself, hurting myself or escaping in anyway! I thank God for the gift of cannabis and thank you Dr. Towpik for all your efforts and research.

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