Once I heard someone saying ‘’Your silence will keep someone suffering and you speaking can relieve the suffering of many’’.

Sometimes we keep quiet because we are afraid of being ridiculed, of being vulnerable or perhaps penalised in some ways.

Once we realise, there is nothing to be afraid of, we start speaking out and our voices become stronger and stronger, we are able to connect with deeper parts of ourselves, we speak our truth.

One of these true heroes is Olivia Newton John. This wonderful woman went through her share of trials and tribulations in her life.

Now she is faced with cancer again and I know that feeling since I went through breast cancer myself 16 years ago.

In spite of that she is not only healing herself, she is working so hard for the higher benefit of everyone else. People like her contribute so much to making our planet better place.

Her recent stand in regards to medicinal cannabis will make a great contribution towards legalising this great plant. I strongly believe in that.

Using it properly and judiciously in proper clinical setting is absolutely essential.

It’s not about bureaucratic rules and regulations, it’s about love and compassion.

Good on you Olivia. We truly wish you all the best, you will definitely conquer this again and come out even stronger.

Our planet needs more people like you.