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Practical Skills in Prescribing Medicinal Cannabis

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Learning Outcomes

Develop good understanding of the therapeutic properties of medicinal cannabis

Differentiate between adverse and therapeutic effects of medicinal cannabis

Summarise the process of the endocannabinoid system in action

Develop a good understanding of the treatment considerations, dosing & titration to ensure patient safety during cannabis treatment

Identify the clinical applications of medicinal cannabis in General Practice

Upcoming Workshops

No Scheduled Workshops

  • We are currently in the process of scheduling more workshops for 2020. Only GPs and Specialist doctors can register for workshops, if you are interested in attending our next workshop, please register your interest
  • RACGP Accredited Workshop

    MediHuanna is an accredited provider for the RACGP in the QI&CPD program. This practical workshop has been accredited (Activity no: 147060) and members of the RACGP are eligible to claim 40 (Category 1) QI&CPD points. It is a requirement of the RACGP that members who wish to claim these points provide their RACGP number when applying for this course. Other health professionals may also apply for self-directed CPD point for their particular profession.

    Earn 40 (Category 1) QI&CPD RACGP Accredited Points


    Workshop Description

    This workshop is designed to offer health professionals practical skills in prescribing medicinal cannabis in Australia. Designed by Dr Towpik, this course has been developed using her practical experience and real case studies from her practice. This workshop aims to provide health professionals with an understanding of the therapeutic properties of medicinal cannabis and its potential application in chronic pain management, palliative care, multiple sclerosis, CINV, and epilepsy.

    This course aims to provide medical practitioners with a good understanding of the endocannabinoid system, pharmacology, mechanisms of action, therapeutic benefits, adverse effects, drug interactions, treatment consideration, dosing strategies and the prescribing process in Australia.

    On completion of this workshop, medical practitioners will develop the necessary skills to confidently assess and advise patients regarding the suitability of medicinal cannabis based on each individual case.

    This workshop comes with 4 hours of interactive case studies and clinical applications.

    This course is designed for General Practitioners and Specialists that can prescribe Medicinal Cannabis

    Program Outline

    This workshop is a full day program that comes with 2 hours of lectures and 4 hours of interactive case studies and clinical applications. Morning Tea and Lunch provided. For more information please download the program outline.

    About the Instructor

    Dr. Teresa Towpik

    Chief Medical Officer | MEDIHUANNA

    Dr Towpik is an Australian GP and an advocate of medicinal cannabis. She has been extensively studying the therapeutic properties of cannabis and applying it in her practice with promising results. Her main focus is the management of chronic debilitating pain.

    Cannabis is becoming widely accepted and requested by patients. Now, there is a growing need for doctors to obtain practical skills and knowledge to prescribe it effectively and safely. Recognising this need, Dr Towpik founded MediHuanna, an organisation providing accredited cannabis education for Health Professionals.

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    9 thoughts on “Practical Skills in Prescribing Medicinal Cannabis

    1. I would encourage all my fellow GP colleagues to attend a Medihuanna course on medicinal cannabis prescribing. The course was very well run, and taught by a leading expert in the field. The practical case studies were extremely valuable, and overall I gained the confidence to start prescribing immediately. I am so pleased to have come across this course. It has changed my practice significantly for the better!

      5.0 rating

    2. This was one of the best courses I have ever done and has opened my eyes to ‘the missing link’ in medicine; being able to treat patients effectively for multi-system disorders- and improve their quality of life whilst imposing the least harm, is exciting and gratifying.
      A very big “Thank-you” to Dr Towpik who has done the hard yards of research, lobbied government and shared so generously her knowledge and experience with the rest of us !
      A must do course for any GP who is wanting to provide extended integrative care for their patients.

      Dr Melissa Monkivitch

      5.0 rating

    3. Dr Teresa Towpik is a wealth of information and the course was thorough, interesting and full of practical information. I highly recommend it to any practitioner who has an interest in prescribing medicinal cannabis.

      5.0 rating

    4. I found Dr Teresa’s online course, and practical Workshop extremely informative, very well presented and easy to follow. Teresa knowledge on medicinal cannabis, how to prescribe it , and the case studies that followed I found extremely helpful. This is an excellent course for doctors and I feel should be made mandatory training for doctors so they have a bit more of an understanding of how to access it and the science behind its amazing healing properties.

      5.0 rating

      1. Hi Danielle,
        I am a nurse also with a passion for learning about Medicinal Cannabis. Have you completed the doctors training? I have managed to complete the 15 minutes free session but I would definitely like to dig deeper and learn whatever I can.

        5.0 rating

    5. The one-day ‘Practical Skills in Prescribing Medicinal Cannabis’ workshop presented by Dr Teresa Towpik is an excellent overview of what is a new and complex field in the area of medicinal cannabis in Australia. Teresa covers all the relevant topics extensively including the whole gamut from biochemistry, pharmacology, and clinical use cases, to detailed treatment management plans. This is an essential workshop for any doctor who is looking to be educated on the prescribing of medicinal cannabis in their clinical practice.

      5.0 rating

    6. A very useful detailed and dense introduction to the why’s and how’s of prescribing Medicinal Cannabis safely. The course helped me overcome many misconceptions I had about the practical difficulties and professional risks. I have made my first two applications to prescribe – the Course organisers and the suppliers have been very helpful with this – the ongoing support is great. The case discussions in the afternoon were a little long and drawn out for me personally, but overall, I would Highly Recommend MediHuanna. Thanks

      5.0 rating

    7. This course was excellent, I recommended it for all doctors. Teresa was outstanding and has educated herself with an amazing level of knowledge about the physiology of cannabis and its applications.

      5.0 rating

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