This week I want to introduce truly amazing person Leah Bisiani.

Leah is a dementia consultant. She is a lady of great integrity, compassion, wisdom and knowledge, she really cares for people with dementia.

This debilitating condition can effect any of us or our family members anytime.

It is our responsibility as individuals and society to ensure that this people receive proper care with love and dignity.

And that’s what Leah is all about. I feel very honoured to have met this wonderful lady.

Please, check her website Uplifting Dementia

Below is an anonymous article written in September 2017, Victoria, Australia.

Highly Restricted Access To Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal cannabis (MC) is an extremely safe and effective Herbal Medicine. Enough is known about MC for GPs who are very open-minded and very willing to be trained in its safe and effective use to prescribe it. There is an abundance of evidence to support its use as a very safe and effective herbal medicine of first choice in many conditions. The AMA line that not enough is known about MC is not factual. It is misleading and potentially very harmful.

One of the main problems in Australia is that MC is classified as a narcotic and schedule 8 drug. There is an extremely difficult, time consuming and onerous process at both state and federal levels that the doctor has to go through to obtain permission to prescribe MC. Even the most conscientious and senior GPs are very reluctant to get involved. They claim that it makes absolutely no sense for them to have to justify to a bureaucrat in Canberra their reason for
wanting to prescribe MC when it is easier for them to reach for their prescription pads and prescribe an ineffective and addictive opiate medication.

The solution to this is for the government to classify Medicinal Cannabis as a
Complementary Medicine, where it properly belongs. A directive of such importance should come from the Minister and/or the Prime Minister. This makes common sense and its effect will be widespread compassion.

Over 3 million Australians are affected by the Chronic Pain Syndrome. The treatments available to them are opiates and antidepressants; neither of which are satisfactory for the majority of patients. MC is safe and effective in the management of chronic severe pain and its not addictive. It may allow patients to reduce their dosage of opiate medication.

Chronic pain is costing Australians and their government in terms of suffering, premature deaths and ongoing related costs, over $50 billion dollars a year.

Medicinal Cannabis Is Herbal, Complementary Medicine

Medicinal cannabis is an unregistered medicine in Australia. This makes absolutely no sense to experts in the science of herbal medicine. Medicinal Cannabis is made from the flowers and other parts of the Cannabis sativa/indica plant-just like other herbal medicines on the Australian market. The extraction of the active ingredients is the same or similar to all other herbal medicines.

Herbal medicines in Australia are classified as Complementary Medicines and are regulated by the TGA. The Australian government’s medicines policy clearly states that medicines should be of high quality, safe, effective AND available in a timely manner. Currently, these conditions cannot be assured.

There is also provision for traditional usage. Therefore, medicinal cannabis as a Complementary Medicine, qualifies as a listable medicine. It has a traditional usage going back 8,000 years. It has a history of use in Australia for pain, spasms and migraine until the late 1930’s. It also has proven scientific and clinical uses for the management of intractable epilepsy in children, neuropathic pain, anorexia , nausea and vomiting in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, and muscle spasms in patients with MS.

It has much wider use in the communities educated in the science of MC.

As a listed medicine, it can be manufactured in Australia as a Complementary Medicine retaining the high standards Australia has of quality and safety. This will minimise the current illicit use of imported products of dubious safety and quality.

The solution is to give it a special classification as a complementary medicine, to be prescribed by qualified GPs. An “Aust C” as distinct from Aust R and Aust L needs to be considered.

Australia Is Way Behind Canada And Europe

Medicinal cannabis is going to be a multi billion dollar industry and it one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Australia is 16 years behind Canada and a generation or two behind Israel. There is massive investment in the industry in these countries. Australia is lagging behind because of regulatory over-reach.

The Australian government has not had properly qualified and experienced advice in the matter of Medicinal Cannabis, from the plant to the patient.

There is a lot of activity here in Australia now but it is chaotic and poorly planned. A powerful yet extremely safe herbal medicine for the patients who need it is beyond their reach.

The solution is to establish a separate ministry to look after the interests of the agribusiness sector, the manufacturing sector, the specialised research and development and the medical centres specialised in its use. I doubt this will occur so I remain pessimistic about Australia even being in the race. We are certainly nowhere near the leadership.

It is cruel to maintain the status quo. It is unethical for doctors to not plead a case for significant change. It is negligent to exclude specialists with qualifications and experience in MC from governmental advisory committees.

Surely it is not difficult for a leader to draw up the legislation to

(It is immoral for our political system to do little or nothing)