Medicinal Cannabis Education By A Doctor

Discover the Science behind Medicinal Cannabis

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  • medical marijuana education australia
  • medicinal marijuana education australia

Introduction To Medicinal Cannabis

MediHuanna’s Introduction To Medicinal Cannabis at the MediFarm Symposium


Dr Towpik’s Medicinal Cannabis Book

Introduction to medicinal cannabis book

­Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis:

An Easy Guide for Doctors and Patients

(Hardcover & ebook)

This book is designed to be an easy to follow and understand introduction to medicinal cannabis covering everything from the history, endocannabinoid system, cannabis pharmacology, delivery methods, drug interactions, treatment options and an overview of the various ailments it can treat with consideration to the current clinical and anecdotal evidence. I hope patients as well as doctors find it informative and become inspired to continue their learning of the cannabis plant’s remarkable properties while embracing it as an important therapeutic agent.



Philosophy Parallax

Our Philosophy

At MediHuanna we strive to provide comprehensive, non-biased and easy to understand medicinal cannabis education for health professionals. Our goal is to educate health professionals in the safety requirements of prescribing by providing practical training courses to the medical community. Our accredited, science-based medicinal cannabis education will help medical practitioners develop the necessary skills to confidently assess and advise patients regarding the suitability of medicinal cannabis treatment.

Cannabis needs to be monitored in a proper clinical setting to optimise the therapeutic result and reduce side effects. It is vital for patients and doctors to have a better understanding of this mysterious plant and how it works in the body. Many people all over the world report great benefits of medicinal cannabis and it is important that health professionals are provided with the necessary information to ensure the highest standard of patient care. We believe high-quality education is the key to achieving widespread acceptance, enabling medical practitioners to understand this complex therapeutic agent so that it may be integrated into modern medicine.