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Medicinal Cannabis Education

MC101: Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis for Health Professionals & Patients


Australia’s first e-learning cannabis course

MC101 is designed to be an easy to follow and understand introduction to medicinal cannabis. Written and produced by Dr Towpik for health professionals and patients.

It will introduce you to the science behind its medicinal properties and the clinical applications in the management of chronic medical conditions as well as treatment options, possible side effects and drug interactions.

­Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis:
An Easy Guide for Doctors and Patients
(Hardcover & ebook)


I remember my frustration, trying to find a simple guide that could explain step by step the intricate properties of cannabis in an easy to follow and understandable manner. I was reading one article after the other and it wasn’t easy.

In this book, I am hoping to achieve that, an easy step by step guide. I hope that patients as well as doctors find it useful and find the inspiration to further studies.”

Dr Towpik, GP

Launching at the Melbourne Hemp Expo 2nd & 3rd Dec


About MediHuanna

Cannabis is a medicine that has a range of benefits. However, it needs to be monitored by a doctor to optimise the therapeutic result and reduce side effects.

We believe that it is vital for patients and doctors to have a better understanding of this mysterious plant. Many people all over the world have already felt the benefits of medical cannabis using it legally and illegally.

Cannabis is a diverse plant and there are many different strains that can have different effects depending on the patient’s medical conditions. Therefore, we believe it is vital to legalise medical cannabis so that Doctors can provide patients with what each individual needs.

Many Doctors out there are completely oblivious to medical cannabis and its potential benefits. A contributing factor to the slow process of legalisation is partially due to the lack of awareness amongst Doctors. Our goal is to bring Doctors together to spread awareness and simplify the process of legalisation.

This plant has been left in the dark for too long and it’s now time for it to get the respect it deserves. MediHuanna was founded to educate the general public and health professionals about the medicinal properties of cannabis in an easy to understand format.

Philosophy Parallax

Our Philosophy

We were founded to lobby and speed up the process of legalising medical cannabis while developing a network between doctors, pharmacists and ethical growers, so that medical cannabis can be affordable and available to those in need. We believe that thorough and easy to understand medicinal cannabis education is the key to widespread adoption among Doctors and health professionals which in turn will provide patients with the highest therapeutic benefits.